A true Hero at ANF Group

Angela Grillo, ANF Group’s Estimating Assistant is definitely more than meets the eye!

Angela the Hero

Angela was recently awarded the “Good Samaritan” award by the Cooper City BSO Police Department on Friday August 7, 2015, for actions that took place in front of her home on December 2014.

Angela witnessed an attempted kidnapping, however she did not just sit there and watch, she took action to help rescue the victim. At the time, Angela’s adrenaline took over and she jumped into action to save the young woman being thrown into a car against her will. Angela got into her car and followed the kidnapper while notifying the police via her cell phone. Her quick thinking led to the arrest of the would-be kidnapper and the safe return of the victim.

Angela was completely shocked to receive this recognition and even more so to hear that her story was submitted by BSO to the FDLE. Angela has even been invited to Tallahassee, FL later this year to receive The Citizen of the Year award from our Governor!

It’s thoughtful and selfless citizens like Angela that make the difference in this world and we are extremely proud to have her working on our team. Way to go Angela!

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  1. Mary says:

    Wow a true hero that didn’t look the other way but took action very impressive. Good for you Angela.

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