Document Management (aka the Paperless Workplace): What does that Mean for ANF Group?

We are a “Paperless Workplace”, but what does that mean for ANF Group?  Did we stop buying paper?  Do we walk around with iPads instead of file folders?  Do our employees stare at screens with no paper on their desks?

The answer is Yes & No.  We have been able to make 90% of our filing cabinets obsolete.  We are storing very little actual “paper” at the end of a construction project.  We have lowered our office supplies consumption as well as our blueprint printing.  And some of our employees do take iPads to meetings or walk-throughs in lieu of a paper folder.

Going Paperless

BUT…  We still take notes on actual note pads.  We print meeting minutes & agendas.  We take blueprints out to the field.  We still practice the most effective workflow even if it means printing documents.  If you had a web-cam on desk, you wouldn’t think I was heading up the “paperless” efforts at ANF Group, because we are embracing this technology to make us better, not as a trend.

“Paperless” does not mean being impractical or inefficient.  Paperless to a construction company, like ours, means that we have a document management system to index, search, secure & archive our documents.  We can easily access project documents because they are stored in the exact same manner on EVERY job.  We can access documents for a project whether it is ongoing or whether it was completed 5 years ago.  We can access these documents from anywhere with an internet connection.  And most importantly we can retrieve documents across our company with keyword searches, so that we can compare field conditions or products used, etc. on similar projects.  Our document management system provides a wealth of knowledge & efficiency that allows ANF Group to continue to be the company that clients trust.

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