How Can you Tell We are a Paperless Construction Company?

We have gone “paperless” for several years now.  However if you looked at the amount of snail mail we still receive everyday & looked at the desktops of any of our employees, you would certainly not believe we were paperless.  The misconception is that a paperless construction company has no paper.  Many people believe that employees at a paperless construction company walk around with iPads & Google Glasses.  We do use technology effectively, but the fact of matter is we also use paper in our paperless office.  How is that possible, you may ask?

Paperless Construction OfficeWell simply put, we do what makes sense.  We receive documents & plans in a variety of ways, although electronically is strongly encouraged.  We still print documents for meetings & in fact we print anything that helps the building process.  We make notes, to-do lists & perform tasks in the most effective ways for our company even if it means printing things out.  Every year we print less and less, as more and more of our Architects & Clients appreciate receiving documents electronically.  But we have kept open our flexibility to meet the needs of our Clients & keep our Employees productive.

You may be wondering then how are we paperless?  Open one of our file cabinets & you will not find project folders.  Most of us have snacks or personal belongings in our file cabinet drawers.  You see all of the paper on our desk, is scanned & shredded the minute we are done with them.  At the end of our projects, there is no storage & no filing.  No meaningless boxes of paper that you will never be able to find in the abyss of your storage facility.  But instead we have a streamlined digital secure storage that can be accessed for as long as necessary, with just a click of the mouse & that is how you can tell we are paperless!

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