How to Prevent your Extinction, My Review of The Internship

The InternshipThis weekend my husband & I got to see a sneak preview of the movie “ The Internship”. The movie stars Vince Vaughn & Luke Wilson as “older” workers recently laid off who land an internship at Google.

As expected the movie is hilarious but it might leave you with two feelings. The first one being, “Wow I wish I worked at Google!” Don’t get me wrong I happen to work for a great company with a beautiful new office, but there is no free food court, nap pods or other outlandish perks. But it is not the perks that will punch you in the stomach, it’s the fear that like the characters of the movie that you have become a dinosaur. It is the realization that if you are from Generation X (like I am) or older, you may be missing a whole new set of job skills required. I left this movie wanting to learn!

I recommend that everyone over the age of 35, watch this movie. Sure the movie is funny & warm-hearted, but it should also be a wake-up call that a whole new breed of workers are moving in with skills sets we may not even comprehend. If you have trouble using your iPhone & email, you may already be a dinosaur. Take these technologies serious because they are only going to continue advancing at a breakneck speed. Jump at every chance to learn a software within your organization or even outside of your company. I understand that you may hate your computer & certainly those of you that chose construction as a career did not want to finagle with computers all day long. But the future is here & now, whether you like it or not.

Yes, there are skills that we have gained through work experience & no one can take those from us. Even the movie, recognizes people skills & life experience as virtuous. But we cannot close ourselves off, because we feel like seasoned veterans of the industry. So as a dinosaur that refuses to be extinct this year I got an iPhone. I, now, download helpful apps, play games on my iPhone & conduct business from it. This year, I will also learn my second programming language & take any valuable coursework available. Don’t become extinct!

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