Inspiring Girls to Study Engineering

Inspiring Girls to Study EngineeringAs a woman in construction, I was thrilled to hear about a new product to inspire young girls.  The product is called Roominate.  It was designed by 2 female engineers that realized the low number of women studying engineering.  During their education at Caltech, MIT & Stanford they wished they had more female counterparts in their upper level math & science classes.  With this new toy they hope is to inspire a new generation of female Architects, Engineers, or Technology Innovators.


Roominate is a DIY wired doll hour building kit.  The different kit packages include basic rooms and then specialty packages for electrical, architectural & structural.  It is refreshing to see a toy like this on the market!

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    Very interewsting blogs. Would like to talk to you on ViewPoint if possible. We are looking at getting this software and trying to assess the involvement.

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