Vertical Expansion and N.I.C.U.

Memorial Hospital Miramar – 3rd and 4th Floor Vertical Expansion and N.I.C.U.
  • Project Value: $17.5 Million
  • Project Size: 37,620 GSF Vertical Expansion & 9,620 GSF N.I.C.U.
  • Completion Date: October 2007 (1 month ahead of schedule
  • Delivery Method: CM/GMP
  • Project Manager: Peter Kurszewski
  • Superintendent: James White


Scope of Work
The Vertical Expansion and N.I.C.U. project at Memorial Hospital Miramar consisted of 3 parts which included the following:

3rd & 4th Floor Vertical Expansion
40 New Beds, Nurse Station, New Air Handling Units, Office Space, Nourishment Room, and Clean Equipment Storage.

N.I.C.U. Project
The scope of work includes the construction of a Level II NICU within the Vertical Expansion at Memorial Hospital Miramar. This project included the construction of a 10-bed, private-room NICU with advanced technology for patient monitoring, electronic documentation, infant security, barcode medication administration and communication. There is a satellite pharmacy inside the NICU for quick dispensing of medication and blood gas testing of infants can be done at the bedside.

Parking Lot Expansion
100+ Space Parking Lot Expansion

Project Owner
Memorial Healthcare System
David Schlemmer, Administrative Director of Construction
2900 Corporate Way, Miramar, Florida 33025

Project Architect
Gresham Smith & Partners,
6030 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 210
Hollywood, FL 33024