ANF Group sees BIM as an excellent tool to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects.

At ANF Group we understand that BIM is not something you purchase off the shelf and that it instead an integrated and revolutionary process where learning occurs for the team, throughout the entire project life-cycle.  In today’s BIM environment, various levels of BIM Maturity and Implementation exist and customized BIM approaches are what is necessary to ensure our client’s BIM objectives are met.

We understand BIM is more than 3D Design and Construction-Clash detection.  BIM to us, is the gathering and management of key building information so it can be utilized by our clients in all phases of a project’s life-cycle.   We are experienced with the benefits of BIM, we have the expertise to listen to the client’s needs and goals and to make the most cost effective recommendation in the selection of the BIM services that would be required to meet those goals.

As clients look to explore BIM integration with Facilities Management, we work with our clients to export our BIM data into IFC, COBie and other open-formats, we work with clients to integrate information sharing amongst different platforms and systems to help streamline processes and increase efficiency through information re-use.  We consider both the immediate return on this investment for our client and the long term benefits in using these tools for their future expansions.

ANF has in-house BIM personnel, and teams with BIM experts as needed, to assist our clients with their BIM Implementations and projects. Our BIM/ VDC services include:  3D Modeling and Preconstruction Services, Quantity Take-offs, BIM RFI Integration, BIM 4D Construction Phasing and User Relocation Visualization Services and Virtual Mock-ups.

We see BIM as an excellent tool to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects.  The subcontractors we use also have BIM experience and will complete their BIM models as required if this tool is utilized.