Construction Management

ANF Group prides itself in the talented team of dedicated Project Managers, Project Engineers and Superintendents.

Construction ManagementAs Construction Managers, we always keep you the client, as our first priority. During the entire construction process we take into account that you are operating a business and that the well-being of the patrons, staff and visitors come first. With this in mind, our goal throughout the process is to have minimum disruption and maximum safety.

Team coordination & communication is essential to a successful project.  The project team consists of the owner, design professionals and ANF Group.  We create a team environment early on during the process & work closely to ensure projects are completed on schedule & on budget.

We pride ourselves on the level of quality control offered to our clients in order to ensure superior construction.

First, we select well-suited subcontractors with the right experience for your project. We then follow-up by maintaining and promoting safety, organization, and supervision on the job site to enable the subcontractors to complete their work in the most effective way possible. Our project managers continuously perform quality control checks at all phases of the construction process. On a monthly basis our Project Executives will also perform quality control checks of the entire site & ensure that a “running punch list” is setup as necessary. Any items on the punch list are rectified immediately by our subcontractors.