Women in Construction

Women in Construction

Over the years I have been asked many times what it is like being a woman in construction.  As I sit at my computer at 5 in the morning, catching up on a few estimates that were due yesterday, I think we can all agree that no matter what your gender, we work in an extremely demanding, yet rewarding industry.  I can honestly say that being a woman has not prohibited my success in the industry but has often been an asset to my success.  That being said, there are moments of surprise when I encounter the prejudices that do exist in a world dominated by men.  Some of them have stayed with me.  I have heard people say, I didn’t think a woman could be an estimator.

How gender may impact cost of a job, or negotiating with a subcontractor I have yet to imagine?  Others have commented, being a mother could get in the way of doing your job.  Yes, I care about my kids as much as any mother, and I take a half day to go on a field trip with them once a year, but in exchange, I am up at 5 am working to make sure our client’s needs are met.  If I have one word of advice for the young ladies coming up in our industry, it is if you want to play in the sandbox, play by the rules.  This does not require you to stop being feminine or change who you are, but it is a simple recognition that there is a way business is done in our industry.  Observe the behavior around you, and accept that as in any industry, there are morays that people follow.  Learn what they are and implement them and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Below is a link for further reading on things young women in business need to know.



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